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VisionKey Users' Testimonials

width=32 From 'Sam's View'

Hi everyone in cyberspace. My name is Sam and I have ALS or MND since 1992. Most people with this disease feel imprisoned in their own body. In the summer of 1999 my graduating class of 1974 celebrated our 25th year reunion. When it was over five ladies joined forces to raise money to purchase a VisionKey and computer for me. The thought of being able to communicate with the outside world is overwhelming because I can only move my eyes and lips.

If H.K.EYECAN, the manufacturer of VisionKey, were to have a theme song I believe "A Whole New World," from the soundtrack of Disney's Aladdin, would be appropriate. That is exactly what it delivers. What everyone does with a mouse and keyboard, I do with my right eye through the viewer of the Vision Key. This electronic marvel restores some independence and sense of freedom. Just for some examples I can open, operate and close all Windows Programs, Gus Multimedia Speech Program, Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, Norton Anti Virus, Winamp, Napster, Eudora and Istar.

The latter two are my ticket to the outside world. I e-mail my friends around the world and surf the net like everyone else. Actually I have been in touch with medical firms and purchased their products all because I have the use of VisionKey.

This is where the magic begins. Remember I use the VisionKey with my right eye. When I put the viewer on and just open my left eye, I see my normal computer screen. When I close my left eye and open my right eye, I see a virtual world of numbers, letters and characters. When I open both eyes, I see my normal computer screen and a sort of transparent illusion of the chart in the viewer. How the brain and eyes create this image is a mystery to me. It allows you to operate your computer to it's fullest potential.

The only way to appreciate VisionKey is to experience it for yourself. This instrument will unleash your mind from it's captive state. The positive impact is instantaneous and will definitely add to your quality of life.

As for the expression the hand is faster then the eye, it no longer exists.

Sam Cole
e-mail: samcole@ca.internet.ca
Visit San's new website that he created using VisionKey!

width=32 We even have a user who wrote a book using VisionKey. Dr. Howard Hornstein, one of our champion users, wrote a book on one of his favorite subjects, sea chanteys. In his preface to Favorite Sea Chanteys of the Ancient Mariners Chanteymen*, this is what Howard writes about VisionKey.

" Although at this time I have no movement below my chin and breathe via a ventilator, technology is my salvation. I am writing this with VisionKey, a device that tracks the movement of the pupil of the eye. It acts as an alternative keyboard (typing about 1 character per second) and gives me full access to my two computers. Through VisionKey, I have access to the internet and all its resources. I do my banking and pay my bills online, send and receive e-mail and activate my speech synthesizer. Producing this book of sea chanteys has been one of my dreams." Howard Hornstein, USA

* See The Sea Chantey at: www.ancientmarinersct.com

Howard's book and the associated CD can be purchased by e-mailing Joan Argento at joni8@juno.com or by calling Joan at 203-457-1870. All proceeds from the sale of the book and the CD go the ALS society.

width=32 Marc Herman (shown with Bob Christie) wrote this poem using VisionKey.

Fall Beauty.

What fall beauty! What a delight!
Bless the respiratory therapists, Eileen and Kelley,
who wheeled me out on the patio!
Babble at the sky so blue!
Praise the sunlight drenching and dancing
on my arms and hands!
Tumble and play with me in the leaves
hued orange and red!
At one with sky, sun, leaves!
Cavort with me in thanks for the little gems!
For the ecstasy!

"My father just loves VisionKey; he uses it all the time. He's a real pro with VisionKey now. VisionKey has made all the difference for him as he is a part of everything again. Now when the family all gets together, he can "talk"; everyone waits eagerly to hear what he will say next with his VisionKey. He uses the system 5-6 hours every day and he especially loves to write all afternoon on the computer using his VisionKey."

Mayra Perez of her father, Reynaldo Perez, Veracruz, Mexico

" I use VisionKey 10 hours a day on the internet."

Dominique Toussaint, France

"VisionKey has been a godsend for Sal and for us. We would never know what was on his mind before. We could ask him a hundred questions and not be sure of what he was trying to tell us. Now we know exactly what he wants and what he is thinking. We would be lost without VisionKey."

George Grasso of his brother Salvatore Grasso, Mass., USA